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The Right Reverend Lark Justin Muncy


Father Lark Muncy began his ministry as a young adult, feeling a call to serve at the age of 12. He grew up in the “Holler Churches” of the Pentecostal Holiness variety in West Virginia. 

Later, in his senior year of High-school, he contemplated life in the Roman Catholic Church. It was after his first year of Bible College, that he decided to fully commit to the Roman Catholic Church. He began his postulancy and novitiate with the Franciscans.  Fr. Lark was asked to leave the order after he disclosed that he had a "Same Sex Attraction" despite his commitment and celibacy. He began searching for something that met his spiritual needs.

Fr. Lark entered into the Reformed Catholic Church, under the direction of his bishop The Right Reverend John Bell.  Later, he was ordained a Deacon and finally a Priest and began ministry as rector of Christ the King Church in Zanesville, OH. 


Fr. Lark is now a missionary priest to the poor in West Virginia’s Appalachian Mountains. He has a modest church, The Church of the Holy Trinity, and a mission to the residents of Mingo County, in Southern West Virginia. He is married to his partner Aaron and they have 3 beautiful children. 

His ministry provides spiritual assistance as well as food, clothing, home goods, and utility assistance to families, much like his own, who are in need. He planted this mission in West Virginia after much prayer and thought. 

Fr. Lark had recently been appointed Archdeacon of The Free Protestant Episcopal Church, and adjusted to his role in that capacity. He worked alongside the House of Bishops to build this church and commit himself to its smooth operation. 

In 2021, Fr. Lark was elected a Bishop in the Free Anglican Mission Society and was elevated to the role of Bishop Moderator. The Bishop, along with the leadership of the society, have decided to focus their attention on continuing to build the Free Anglican Mission Society community, by promoting vocations, and to be an active part of the communities in which they are located. 


Life in Appalachia can be a challenge, and it is his hope to continue to bring outside resources into these very remote and rural areas to make a difference in the lives of the people.  His Catholic Faith means so very much to him, and he finds it fully expressed in the social and spiritual work of this Anglican Church. To be the hands and feet of Jesus, this is the work of God, and the face of his Christ in the poor.

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