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Welcome & Statement of Mission

St. Francis Anglican Church is a member of the Free Anglican Mission Society a fully independent denomination in the Anglican tradition.  We have not split or broken away from any other denomination, nor do we consider ourselves to be in opposition with any other denomination or group.  We are completely independent and operate as such.  Our community does not seek the approval of any other community and our legitimacy is in our independence.


We believe in the Church Catholic, and its history however our beliefs are built on a foundation of inclusion and diversity meaning no one is excluded, regardless of race, creed, affiliation or orientation thereby creating a community of acceptance and welcoming to all peoples.


Our clergy are part of the Historic Apostolic Succession and also recognize lines of succession from Old Catholic and Independent Catholic sources making us fully Anglican in our beliefs and practices.

Our mission is to teach the Good News of God in Christ to all who will receive it, we are resolved to put the Gospel into action through good deeds and community outreach, we willingly and knowingly invite all those who have been disenfranchised or forgotten by their faith traditions to worship with us and join our community, without exception.


We as a community, celebrate our historic tradition yet embrace a more progressive approach to building community.  Our services are built upon the 1928 Book of Common Prayer and taken exclusively from that source.  Bishop John Bell wrote, “The traditional Prayer Book is an anchor that steadies us in the storms that modern life tosses at us. It is also a bridge which gives us access to our spiritual ancestors and helps us keep a strong foundation of faith and practice.”

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